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Fairmont- El San Juan Hotel

Puerto Ricos Most Iconic Hotel.

Situated on the beach after just a 15 minute drive from SJU lies the Fairmont El San Juan. This historic hotel, located an hour away from the popular el Viejo old town of Puerto Rico, is a perfect combination of old world charm and modern day features. Featuring over 5 restaurants, a shopping promenade and wellness program worth mentioning to your friends from California, El San Juan hotel has something for everyone!

Staying at the El San Juan hotel includes access to fabulous rooms overlooking the Atlantic Ocean, a rooftop workout center and 3 massive pools. The favorite amongst the pool options goes to the El San Juan adults only ‘chill’ pool, where guests are encouraged to bask in the sun while listening to ambient beats. With relaxing is in order at El San Juan Hotel, taking care of a worked up appetite, naturally, would be next! In addition to a Piña Colada, the famous cocktail that hails from Puerto Rico, visitors can enjoy healthy snacks and libations any time of day! Nothing says living the good life like a sip off a frozen cocktail or a bite from a Mal chock full of antioxidants just before a dip in the sea!

When it comes to food overall, the El San Juan hotel does not disappoint. The avant-garde fare by chef Juliana Gonzalez at Caña packs a punch of flavor in every bite. Obscure takes on familiar items really sets this restaurant apart. With the adventure seekers aside, STK leaves plenty of room for a big ol’ steak, just the way you like it, and all the fixing’s too! Both restaurants are located inside the El San Juan hotel and are amongst 5 others in total. The most exhilarating place to catch a drink or bite to eat is in the lobby bar where live music invites guests to dance to the beat and get caught in the feelings of Puerto Rico’s past.

With Covid-19 safety measures in place, the hotel had a few rules that hindered the experience imaginable but nothing too interfering that’s worth a mention. As with all locations, this would be a place to re-visit once all restrictions are lifted.

Feel immersed in the Puerto Rican culture in a place timelessly true to the island’s heritage, artfully blending the best elements of yesterday, today, and tomorrow.

Fairmont El San Juan Hotel, where lively vibes and peaceful ocean views meet. Located minutes from Old San Juan, on the award-winning Isla Verde Beach in Puerto Rico. The resort features four pools, villa rooms, live entertainment, a Well & Being Spa and Fitness Center, paddleboards, luxury cabanas, signature dining at Caña by Juliana Gonzalez



Delight by the storied décor in these extraordinary 445 sq. ft. guestrooms. Situated on the magnificent Grand Tower, these well-appointed guestrooms feature a luxurious inviting sitting area. Please note that all Fairmont El San Juan Hotel guestrooms are non-smoking.

We would say that the rooms are not the best- pretty standard nothing special.


Discover the inspired cuisine that put the Island of Enchantment on the map, seamlessly blended with authentic Puerto Rican flavors by Chef Juliana Gonzalez and Celebrate in Style. Each one-of-a-kind dish invites guests to celebrate San Juan’s traditions old and new, with the international zest and fresh ingredients Chef Juliana Gonzalez is known for. By far one of the best restaurants on the property and the view from outside was spectacular. There were other restaurants that were inside the hotel (chain restaurants that you can find anywhere) so recommend enjoying the experience outside!


Explore an approach to wellness with a vigor that mimics the energy of the lobby. Find active, energetic experiences at the new tri-level, state-of-the-art, Well & Being Fitness Center. Designed to rejuvenate your mind, body, and spirit, the fitness center offers well-rounded good health activities, reviving guests for their next on-island adventure. An amazing view form the rooftop of the ocean and hotel! Not a bad place to get a sweat in! Event if you don't like to work out on vacation/in hotels this fitness is by far the best facility we have seen at a hotel!

Instagramable Spots

We recommend visiting the town as there are amazing local shops, restaurants, ice cream stores and of course the historic sports like Kites Display at Fortaleza Street & Garita at Castillo San Cristobal

We give the Fairmont El San Juan an 6/10

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