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INSPIRED BY ADIT LIVE @ THE REEF LA ( products featured in this article are a reflection of ETM opinion and are not meant as an advertisement )

Los Angeles is one of those places where you’re surrounded by stars in the city named after angels. With the legalization of marijuana there too, it’s a sky high feeling indescribable to those who have not yet visited. With California boasting so many activities to choose from, pinpointing just one can be difficult. We took the challenge of ‘living like a local’ with a stay at a Blueground Homes property in East Hollywood and while doing so, had a chance to visit The Reef, where Adit Live was taking place. Adit Live is a beauty conference/trade show type event that takes place in order to showcase new brands and emerging designs from brand loyalists’ favorites.

Without feeling amiss from any resort amenities we'd be skipping out on we took the day to explore. Since blueground is the premier apartment style living for those who want to experience an extended stay away from home without breaking the bank or committing to more than a month to month rate, we knew the comforts of home would be awaiting our return too.

An outstanding amount of great products were on display at the Adit Live show and each brand had it’s best candidate there to describe and share their products too. The essentials here are what stood out to us most. All of the products listed below have a unique reason to lead the pact. Eternal Travelers alike will get a kick out of the power behind them all. In no specific order our picks were: Kitsch *bottle free beauty* , Ma:nyo a awesome k beauty brand, Davids premium toothpaste Butter & Me minimalist artisan self care & Silex pilot inspired protection.


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