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360° Camera Every Traveler Should Have

Explore your world with the magic of 360! Elegantly designed, IQUI captures memories in seconds.

Every traveler needs a good camera that can capture every moment. The IQUI 360 Camera does just that!

Welcome to the age of snap-and-share 360° photos. Capture every fun moment on vacation, around your neighborhood, or even at home with this tiny and elegant camera that takes breathtakingly beautiful photos.


The IQUI 360 camera is as slim as a pen, and weighing just a little more, IQUI slips easily into your pocket or bag. Which is perfect because the small but powerful device can be packed and brought to you anywhere on your travels. The inspired design was recognized with the Good Focus Award, part of the 2020 Good Design Award.

IQUI won the highly regarded Red Dot and iF Design awards in 2021.

With IQUI, you'll never have to worry about leaving someone out of the picture or arranging the composition perfectly.

About The Brand

The amazing new device allows you to download their smartphone app for easy creation and sharing of 360-degree content aka the SphereFlow™, a completely new way to browse 360-degree content, plus other updates that make editing and sharing 360-degree photos to social media even easier. The video and photos are epic and allows you to capture and never miss a moment!

How it works: Enjoy viewing, editing and sharing your photos by connecting IQUI to your phone using the IQUISPIN app. Fun with friends, surprising new angles, and once-in-a-lifetime moments ― with IQUI, the possibilities are infinite.

IQUI is the first 360° camera to make sharing on social media a snap. Share to your favorite social media channel and you're sure to be the center of attention.

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Check out some of the content that the camera shoots and shop the IQUI on Amazon here: Purchase IQUI 360 Camera


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