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"Durable & Expandable Travel Partner"

Space Saving Luggage that May Motivate you to Do your Laundry after a trip

Unpacking just to pack again is common for Eternal Travelers. Falling into a trap of using the luggage as a dirty laundry container is also pretty common amongst those who travel often too. Luckily there’s a new convenient luggage that helps to nudge us a bit to unpack and do the laundry asap - and that’s because it’s totally collapsible and can hide away too! Welcome all Rollink: the worlds most durable collapsible luggage that’s actually stylish too.

Rollink promises it’s design was made for all to explore, dream, move and dare, while they wander to roads faraway. Products from Rollink include a polycarbonate hardshell that’s super durable and great features like a font flap for laptops or important documents too. The bags themselves really to break down to a super small, under the bed, kind of size and that alone speaks to the ‘get ur laundry done’ gripe we deal with . In addition to the sturdy wheels, the paten pending bags have undergone drop tests and trolley handle jerk tests to prove the’ll stand the test of time despite many miles here and there. We’ve just gotten our bags so we’re excited to see how long they last - as of now, the Bric’s Milano bags are standing the test of time, but they do not work for everyone considering they’re quite bulky overall.

Rollink products are available online, come in a myraid of colors and are available in all sizes including carry-on approved sizes for all airlines and check-in sizes too. Since they are collapsible travelers will love how lightweight they are - no extra bulk from the luggage despite being super durable. We love the bright colors and the packing bags included too - there’s even a neck pillow from the company available that’s made of memory foam. Excited to travel again with them soon, but most excited to get our laundry done ASAP and put that luggage away until next time.

Check them out today at


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