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Top Items to Travel With

An #eternaltraveler always has essential items that they love to travel with! We put together top 5 items that we love that are a must to pack in your suitcase!


''Hydralyte is scientifically formulated with the right ratio of glucose and electrolytes to rehydrate you faster than water alone. The secret to Hydralyte is our advanced rehydration formula that allows fluids to enter the bloodstream rapidly.''

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The Hypervolt Go was designed to move with you. It gives you portable percussion massage in a perfectly light and powerfully small package so you can take it to the gym, on the road, and everywhere in between.

''Get the muscle relief you need so you can keep going. And then go again.''

The Hypervolt Go's compact, ergonomic design helps it fit perfectly in your hand and easily in your bag so you can bring serious muscle-massaging relief with you anytime, anywhere. The perfect essential for any travel!

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Nowadays, leaving the house without hand sanitizer is a no no. It has become the norm and almost like another accessory! When traveling, having sanitizer wipes or sprays are a must! Hand sanitizers often smell unpleasant and leave your hands feeling dry or sticky. PlaneAire gives you something better: a hand sanitizer you’ll actually love to use and smells great too!

"We strive to offer modern, proven solutions with thought and purpose behind every ingredient. Our unwavering integrity continues to set us apart. We make blends, but we’ll never blend in." - PlaneAire

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Mind Plus Beauty products are a perfect addition to a healthy lifestyle and provide you with better sleep, more energy and a state of mind that is focused, calm and positive AND skin that healthy and radiant. Every day is an extended aromatherapy session without the time needed for a massage or a bath. And better yet, all our formulas are proprietary and offer you an experience that you will not find anywhere else.

''Skincare with aromatherapy for great skin and a great you! All Natural, cruelty free and sustainable''

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