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Brandon & Chelsea Mimms- @Hotel

#EternalTraveller - Content Creators and Travel specialists highlight the most beautiful places in the world through their 1.1 Million Followers!

A married couple whose instagram account has over 1.1 million followers have been traveling for the past 4 years visiting over 25 countries and exploring all that the world has to offer. The dynamic duo, Brandon, a social media specialist and wife, Chelsea, an online content creator have cultivated a following unlike no other creating their page @hotel! The love they have for travel has birthed their social media page showcasing their travels through videos and photos, allowing them to start sharing the best hotels that they have gotten the opportunity to visit. Brandon & Chelsea's initial motivator to travel was the Canadian winters however they quickly realized the desire to explore new destinations, cultures and food was always a passion for them. Today the instgram moguls travel with their 1 year old daughter allowing her to also experience these destinations and seeing what family travel is really about. Their page @hotel hopes to inspire travel whether you are a family or individual and invoke that wanderlust feeling that they love so much.

We asked 8 Questions to get to know Brandon & Chelsea from @Hotel a little more & why they are an #eternaltraveler #travelstyle

Our page hopes to inspire travel whether you are a family or individual and invoke that wanderlust feeling that we love so much.

1) What are your favorite places that you have traveled to?

Top 3 favourite destinations

  • Bali, Indonesia

  • Santorini, Greece

  • Iceland

2) Tell us about your business?

We head to some of the most beautiful hotels around the world and provide content in return. We offer packages that includes videos, photos, posts on our personal pages as well as grid posts on our instagram page @hotel.

3) What does travel mean to you? Why do you feel it’s important?

Travel has been a huge part of our lives and will always be. Travel is important to us because it’s a way to step outside of your own bubble and see how the rest of the world lives both good and bad. It gives you a new perspective on life and lets you experience different cultures, explore nature and have some time to relax as well.

4) Do you have any travel tips or hacks you can share?

One tip that has allowed us to visit multiple locations is to never book a direct flight home. We love booking a vacation after our vacation. On our way home we like to stop at one or two extra spots to relax and recuperate before heading back into “real life”. Obviously this isn’t always possible but it can sometimes save you money and provide you with another travel opportunity.

5) Where is somewhere that you really want to to travel to next?

A bucket list destination for us would be Africa. We hope to visit Africa, see the animals in their natural habitat and learn more about their culture. There isn’t anywhere that seems to offer all that Africa does which is why it is so high on our list.

6) Are there certain essential items that you have to have or bing with you on your travels!?

Our must have lists have definitely changed a bit since travelling with a child however something we always make sure we have is a comfortable pair of walking shoes. We love exploring each destination to the fullest so this a very important item for us. Of course our equipment is very important for what we do but to also capture the beauty of what we get to see and share it with our friends and family back home.

7) Hotel beauty products – steal or leave behind?

I always recommend taking with you anything that you’re allowed to. For example, hotel slippers cannot be reused and will keep your feet nice and cozy when you’re home reminiscing about your vacation. Additionally, something I always recommend is taking the travel sized soaps and shampoos. They work great for future trips and also can’t be reused by other guests so you might as well save some money and take the shampoo.

8) Where can our readers learn more about you and connect with you?

If you’re looking for beautiful hotels and recommendations you need to follow our page @hotel on instagram. If you want a closer look into our personal lives and travelling with a baby then head over to our instagram pages @brandonmimms & @chelllseaj where we share it all!

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