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LeeAnne Locken

#Eternaltraveller - Actress, Traveler, Philanthropist

LeeAnne has an international television career as a tv host, actress and reality tv star!

LeeAnne Locken has been featured in numerous national magazines, such as People, US Weekly, OK Magazine and Page Six and on several national & international tv shows, including TMZ, Extra, E! News & UK Daily Mail TV. She has a huge US, UK and AU following having been the breakout star of Bravo’s “Real Housewives of Dallas” and TV Land’s “She’s Got The Look”.

LeeAnne promotes a healthy lifestyle and positive mental well-being daily. She has an infectious personality along with a wickedly clever sense of humor which underpins her successful digital presence posting beauty, travel, fashion & healthy living videos to her huge social media following.

She is regularly interviewed by podcasts and other media outlets about her “Love LeeAnne” series which encourages positive mental health and motivation for daily self-care. LeeAnne’s desire to help people is seen regularly on her social media bringing awareness to a myriad of non-profit organizations which she cares passionately for. Her audience loves what she stands for and how she lives her life as an example for good.

Her love for travel is apparent though her engaging social media posting and reels highlighting beautiful hotels and destinations around the world! She has been bitten by the travel bug and has been exploring the world with her friends Brian Kelly & Sean Koski of Ticket2events

"I love it when the coffee kicks in and I begin to realize what an adorable badass I'm going to be today!"

We asked 7 Questions to get to know LeeAnne Locken a little more & why she is an #eternaltraveler #travelstyle

1. What was your favorite place that you have traveled to so far?

I Absolutely adored Puerto Rica and would go back in an instant! The scenery, the people & the food made it an amazing place to be! Plus experience it with my three friends (travel patterns) is always a plus!

2. What does travel mean to you? Why do you feel its important?

Travel to me is energizing and inspirational, It is important to me because I love to experience different cultures. The ability to travel and emerge myself in a new destination brings joy to my life!

3. Are there any travel tips or hacks you can share?

To many travel tips to mention here! Check out other blog posts and other tricks and tips on the eternal traveler magazine where I share more to make your trip the best possible! But I will leave you with one:

4. Where is somewhere that you really want to travel to next?

I love the thought of toruqiuse blue waters and white sand but I am also excited for the fall and snow season! With that said I would love to see on my next boarding pass a trip to the Swiss Apps!

5. Hotel Products, steal or leave behind?

Leave behind - I Have enough beauty products ;)

6. Any essential items that you travel with?

UM YES! My nighttime routine aka theraflu & my red light therapy face mask from Revive Light Therapy! Also always need to pack two phone chargers just incase ;)

7. Where can our readers learn more about you and connect more?

Follow me on instagram and follow along my travel journeys, charity work and fashion tips :)

Instagram: @leeannelocken


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