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Jasmine Tosh

#EternalTraveller - Fashion Designer, Traveller, Blogger

Jasmine Tosh a travel, fashion, & lifestyle blogger whose best known for her swimwear line- Tosh Swimwear, is captivating through her stunning photography that showcases her dreamy lifestyle full of skin kissed moments! As fashion & traveling are her passions, Jasmine is happy to be able to combine them as a career! While growing up in Los Angeles, and now reside in sunny Miami, Jasmine has cultivated a following of over a half a million followers (@jasmine_tosh) - exploring all her behind the scenes look of her swimwear and bag line, what it takes to be a boss babe and most importantly her insane photos of her travels and food adventures.

I love experiencing new things and new cultures and documenting them through social media and her blog- Jasmine Tosh Lately

We asked 7 Questions to get to know Jasmine a little more & why she is a #eternaltraveler #travelstyle

1) What are your favorite places that you have traveled to?

I still have many places to travel to on my bucket list, but my favorite cities so far are Rome, Paris, Abu Dhabi, St. Barts, & Mykonos.

2) Tell us about your business?

My blog, Jasmine Tosh Lately, is where I document my travels and experiences. My followers can also shop my outfits and the products I use in my blog posts. I started my swimwear line, Tosh Swimwear, in 2017, after being inspired by all of the exotic beaches around the world I had traveled to. The colors from my line are named after beautiful cities around the world.

3) What does travel mean to you? Why do you feel it’s important?

Traveling to me means experiencing new things globally. It's a beautiful thing to experience different ways of life and to see how others live around the world. I love history, so I get excited when I travel to a city like Rome, with lots of history.

4) Do you have any travel tips or hacks you can share?

Wow, I really have so many! My main one is to book your trip months in advance to save money. I also like to travel with my own snacks from home in my checked bag if I am going overseas, especially If you like keeping a healthy routine, because you can never be sure what to expect.

5) Where is somewhere that you really want to to travel to next?

Again, there are so many places that I haven't been to yet. I really want to go to Bora Bora, Croatia, and multiple places in Spain next!

6) Are there certain essential items that you have to have or bing with you on your travels!?

I always need to bring tons of things to sanitize and moisturize. I bring lots of sanitation wipes, hand sanitizer, and lotions & oils for my skin. I also bring tons of shoes for some reason when I travel. I am always prepared!

7) Hotel beauty products – steal or leave behind?

If the products are good, I always take the lotions. I just love keeping my hands soft.

You can follow Jasmine on her Instagram @Jasmine_Tosh & blog


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